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Constant Water Pressure Systems

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How Constant Water Pressure Systems Work

Let’s say that the system installed is a C.P. 75 Sub-Drive 1-1/2 hp (20 gpm) with a set pressure of 65 psi. As you open up the kitchen faucet, which takes approximately 3 gpm, the pressure transducer reads the pressure drop and sends the signal to the drive which then ramps up the pump to maybe 1800 rpms. Since the demand is only 3 gpm the pump doesn’t need to spin any faster to maintain the 65 psi set pressure. As you open up additional faucets creating more of a demand the rpms of the motor speed up to meet the demand and maintain the 65 psi set pressure. As the demand subsides the rpms slow down until the pump goes into sleep mode when no water is being used.

The advantages include electric that runs the pump is more economical because its a 3 phase motor, and there are no pressure fluctuations when water is being used at different locations in the house. The entire system is wall mounted with a small pressure tank, which frees up floor space. Constant water pressure systems come in a variety of models ranging from 20 gpm through 90 gpm.

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