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Irrigation Water Well Drilling and Service

Irrigation Water Well Drilling & Service

Peter Snelten & Sons has been proudly serve northern Illinois for Irrigation water well service and drilling since 1923. 

Irrigation water wells are considered to be a non-potable water supply. They are primarily used for watering of crops, plants, or for filling and maintaining water levels in ponds and lakes. In some cases, they are drilled and used for supplying in-ground lawn sprinklers systems at homes, businesses, or apartment complexes where the cost of city water become much too expensive.

Casing diameters range from five inches through twelve inches. Stainless steel well screens are sometimes installed to obtain water from sand and gravel aquifers. They vary in length, slot size, and diameter.The submersible pumping equipment that is used will be determined by the yield/GPM (gallons per minute) the irrigation well produces, and what electrical voltage supply is available to power the submersible pump.

These types of Irrigation water wells can be set up with either above ground or below ground pressure tanks and/or variable speed drives.



Irrigation Water Well

Developing a 12 inch diameter, 120 slot stainless steel screen with high pressure air. This irrigation well produced 400 GPM, gallons per-minute.


Irrigation Water Well Pipe

12 inch diameter by 20 feet long, 120 slot Stainless steel well screen for an irrigation well.


Irrigation Water Well Tank

10,000 Gallon Above-Ground Pressure Tank for outside installation.

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