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Water Well Chlorination Can Be 

 Please call us @ 847-526-3500 to make an appointment so we can show you how to chlorinate your well correctly the 1st time. We do not recommend you pour chlorine down your well as it can do irreparable damage to your well components.

Not All Water Wells Are The Same.

Different wells have different pitless adapters. This means that chlorinating a water well (where you drop the pellets) is different depending on the components of the well.

How To Chlorinate A Water Well Instructions

There are many reasons to chlorinate your water well. 

Shock Chlorination

Compromised Casing
Bad Water Sample
Water Unused For A Period Of Time.

Light Chlorination

Regular maintenance
Slight Odor

Heavy Water Well Chlorination


1. Turn off the electrical power to the water well system in the main electrical panel or fuse panel.

2. Put any water treatment equipment on bypass.

3. Remove the nuts and bolts around the perimeter of the well cap and pry the lid off with a screwdriver.

4. Pull up and move to the side of the exposed wires at the open top of the well-head.

5. If you have chlorine pellets that you have purchased from us, drop in twenty-five to thirty pellets.
(It is Recommended That  You Have Us Do Your First Chlorination)

6. Turn the electric power to the well system back on.

7. Turn on the outside garden hose and stick it back into the well and leave it running.

8. As it is circulating the water back into the well, you now go back into the house and begin running the water fixtures, one at a time, until you smell the chlorine odor, starting with the cold water faucet at the bathtub, then the sinks and flush toilets last. Repeat this procedure for additional bathrooms; also run the other outside faucets, and laundry tubs until you detect the smell of chlorine and turn them off.


10. Once you have satisfied the cold water plumbing throughout the house, and you would like to do the hot water tank and plumbing lines. Turn on all the hot water faucets at once and leave running until the water turns cold. The pressure will be low, because of all the faucets being on and the running hose in the well. When water is running cold, turn them off and go outside. Turn off and remove the hose from out of the well.

11. Carefully tuck the wires back into the well making sure not to pinch them. Secure the well cap back on.

12. Let the chlorine solution set in place at least overnight or, if possible, 24 hours. The whole idea is contact time, the longer the better. The only use of the water at this point would be a flushing of the toilets. This procedure would be good to do if you were leaving for the weekend.

13. To begin the flushing process afterward, the first thing is to get a garden hose running out into the yard at half speed, water the trees, flowers, bushes, etc.  It will not hurt the vegetation. Water may have to run an hour or two.

14. Check the odor and clarity every half hour or so with a clear glass jar and leave running until clear and clean. The time this takes varies from well to well. When it’s clean, turn it off. Run the other outside faucets a few minutes to flush out.

15. Now it’s back into the house repeating the procedure of flushing the cold water tubs, sinks, and toilets last. Then all the hot water faucets at once until cold and then turn them off. We suggest an empty load in the washing machine, then dark clothes, save white for last. You may have to remove aerators off the faucets to run and flush out the inside lines.

16. Once everything is flushed and clean, you can put the water treatment equipment back into service.

17. Well depths vary depending on location; therefore, the dosage in this procedure may need to be adjusted.  We would suggest that you call us first to discuss this prior to starting.

Light Water Well Chlorination


1. Turn off the electrical power to the water well system in the main electrical panel or fuse panel.

2. Remove the nuts and bolts around the perimeter of the well cap and pry the lid off with a screwdriver.

3. Pull up and move to the side of the exposed wires at the top of the well-head.

4. Place wires back into the well and carefully reinstall the well cap making sure you don’t pinch the wires. Turn the electrical power back on.

5. If you have chlorine pellets that you have purchased from us, drop in eight to twelve pellets. (It is Recommended That You Have Us Do Your First Chlorination)

6. We recommend doing this procedure twice a year when you change your clocks and check your fire alarms. Or as often as needed to alleviate the rotten egg odor due to iron bacterial problems in the well system.

7. If you detect dirty water or a chlorine odor, run a garden hose out into the yard until clean.

8. Well depths vary depending on location; therefore, the dosage in this procedure may need to be adjusted. We suggest you call us first to discuss this prior to starting.   

They were absolutely excellent. We called them, and they showed up as soon as they heard from us. They fixed our problem in half a day. Our well was completely shot and we had no water in our house. After their repair, our water works even better than before. We’re so thankful for them. WE LOVE THEM!!
~ Steven Singh
I called and they came out within 30 minutes! Very nice and informative. Overall great experience! Will definitely recommend them.

~ Christopher Kersten

We lost power and my water did not come back on. I thought for sure it was the well pump. Kyle came and tracked the problem down. I put the wrong kind of switch on the pressure tank. Save me a bundle, very pleasant. Highly recommend.

~ Ron Bachman

Family oriented. That’s important to us. Thank you for helping out immediately when we had a big problem. We highly recommend this company.

~ Dorothy Euchler

Our water was not working this morning and I called our local guy and he no longer is in service. So I found these guys on the Internet wanted to pass along the information. I called them at 7:30 this morning and they were here by nine. They moved their schedule around so they could get here sooner because I did not have water. If you need well service give these guys a call they were great!

~ Kimberly Kearney

Yesterday, at 1:00 we called Snelten and Sons about getting a switch repaired and they were at our house at 2:30. Ben and Adam were very courteous, professional, and informative. They did not take any shortcuts, they did the job efficiently and the price was fair. Highly recommend this company to anyone who has well water.

~ Daniel Pfligler

Todd Snelten did a wonderful job working on my well and water pressure tank. I highly recommend them for your well and water needs. They were here in 90 minutes after my phone call and replaced everything but a new well and was completed the same day they started the work.

~ Joseph Doyle

Every time I have service done from this company it is 100% top notch! Thank you for all the GREAT service you have provided to us for the last 32 yrs!!

~ Michael Glefke

I want to give a shout out to this great company!! I have a very old system here at my house. Pete was very knowledgeable about my system and what he wanted to do to get the job done. Other companies I had out here wanted nothing to do with it and told me I needed to drill a new well. This company persevered and got the job done. Rusty and Ben, you were awesome today!! Rusty is a master at fixing problems and coming up with solutions!! I haven’t had pressure this good in years!! I highly recommend them for any water problems you have!!

~ Kristi Weseman

My husband woke up to find no water pressure. Major lightning storm last night. He called and left a message, within 15 minutes Ryan called back and walked my husband through to problem solve it. What is really impressive is that Ryan had a flooded basement due to this storm but still took the time to call us. Now that is dedication!

~ Terrie Warzecha

Peter Snelten & Sons has serviced our home water well (and related components) for over ten years. They are reliable, honest, fair, and very responsive. Their work is of the highest quality. We heartily recommend this thoughtful family for water well-related work.

~ Robert Ross

We were very happy with the recent service we received. Our water stopped working unexpectedly on a Friday evening around 8:00. After leaving an after-hours voicemail, I promptly got a return call, and arrangements were made for them to come out first thing the next morning. They called the next morning to let me know they were on their way and showed up on time. Luke talked to my husband through everything he was doing and why he was doing it and gave my husband options to fix the problem.  We felt very comfortable that we were working with someone knowledgeable and that the job was done correctly, and we had our water working again in just a couple hours after they arrived. Based on the service we received, we will gladly call them again with any future issues that may arise..

~ Melissa J.

Our 53-year-old well pump in Prospect Heights IL went out finally.  Called Snelton and Sons. After a few questions, they scheduled it and sent their knowledgeable crew out in a couple of days. They replaced the pump along with upgrading our non-code well access. Very happy with their professional service and will recommend again and again. Thanks, S&S

~ Michael J.

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